PIPP - Planetary Imaging PreProcessor

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Application designed for pre-processing planetary images before stacking them with image stacking software such as Registax.  PIPP's main purpose is to crop each image frame and select only the best quality frames to reduce the memory and processing requirements of the stacking software.

For example, this would allow the best 1500 frames from a 7200 frame AVI (2 minute AVI at 60 fps) to be cropped ready for stacking by Registax. 


  • Load a sequence of images from supported video files, SER video files or TIFF/BMP/JPEG/RAW camera image files.
  • Debayer raw frames from colour cameras to produce colour frames.
  • Check each frame contains a planet that is completely on the image and discard any frames that do not.
  • Check for and discard overexposed frames.
  • Centre the planet in the frames.
  • Offset the centred planet.
  • Crop each frame around the centred planet.
  • Stretch histogram for each frame (equalising R, G and B channels for colour images).
  • Estimate the quality of each frame and reorder the processed frames in order of quality.
  • Keep only the number of best quality frames specified by the user.
  • Split colour frames into R, G and B frames.
  • Save processed frames as a sequence of TIFF/BMP image files or as a single AVI/SER video file ready for stacking or archiving.