Observation Manager

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Free and open logbook for (amateur-) astronomical observations. It's written in and runs on every plattform supporting Java 1.4 or higher. 

All logbook entries made in Observation Manager are stored in the free and open OpenAstronomyLog XML Schema.

Log your observations and make sure next time you're searching for an celestial object you can make benefit of your past observations!
Observation Manager comes with four catalogs of astronomical objects (Messier, NGC, IC, Caldwell, Solar system, GCVS 4.0) and if you miss an object, just add your own entry!

Some features of Observation Manager:
    - Full compatible with <OAL> 2.1 format
    - Written in pure Java (runs on many platforms)
    - FITS Image support
    - Export data to HTML
    - Run statistics on your observation data
    - Create light curves for variable star observations
    - Export your data in AAVSO visual format
    - Supported languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Spanish