Das Planetarium

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Planetarium application simulating the Sky anywhere on Earth between 1900 and 2100.

With an overall attention to eye catchiness and graphical detail among other features it provides details about Saturn and Jupiter moons, the Sun and Moon as well as an ephemerides almanac, which supplies information on major celestial events.

A series of 3D rendering animations are available using either OpenGL or DirectX and datasets are offered for the planets and the full illustrated Messier catalogue.

A satellite pass prediction program, a deepsky planner utility and eclipse data are among the many other options available.

Note:This is the heir of vb-Planetarium, a formerly full featured visual basic software that integrated in a coherent way a series of programs previously offered as standalone apps. Donald Wienand, author of the former DesignerSky app seems to have joined Thomas Kraus in Das Planetarium, improving the interface while dropping English support.

vb-Planetarium features included similarly:

  • a Planetarium strictu sensu (sky simulation)
  • vb-Solar Eclipse (solar eclipses in detail)
  • vb-MoonTicker (Moon & corresponding ephemeris in detail)
  • vb-SunSystem (solar system orrery)
  • vb-PlanetCalc (planetary ephemeris in detail)
  • vb-SunTicker (Sun & corresponding ephemeris in detail)
  • Telescope-Calc (telescope optical parameters calculator)
  • vb-sat (satellite tracking and pass prediction).
  • Photos of Messier Objects
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