AutoStakkert! 2

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According to the author "AutoStakkert! 2 is all about alignment and stacking of image sequences. It’s goal is to create high quality images of the Planets, the Sun, and the Moon, without too much hassle. In theory it can also work on recordings of other targets, although you might need to pre-process your recordings.

  • TIFF, FIT, BMP, AVI (uncompressed) and SER files (thanks to Heiko Wilkens) are supported. In principle there is no file size limitation.
  • Monochrome and color recordings (both raw bayer, and RGB).
  • Buffering of single channel data to speed up alignment and stacking.
  • Scales incredibly well on multi-core platforms.
  • Multiple Alignment Points (MAP). Accurate alignment even under difficult imaging conditions.
  • Stacking of surface recodings (e.g. Sun and Moon) as well as planetary recordings.
  • Frame viewer to quickly scan through all the frames (sorted by quality)
  • Sophisticated MAP analysis and recombination to ensure sharp image stacks."
None. Donations welcome.
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