Short explanation on how to better take advantage of this site lists over 700 software items of interest to amateur astronomy. Almost all are available for download. Most are free to use (either open source, freeware or similar).

Each software is categorized and can be found under a number of criteria (purpose it serves, operating system it runs on, languages it is translated in et cetera).

To better help you find what you are looking for (the best tool for the job) a number of options and search interfaces are available:

Search by Keyword(s) >>

Just write one or more words describing what you need/are looking for/intend to do and get a list of software entries who have them in their description somewhere.

You can optionally fine tune your search by specifying a number of operators:

AND Searches for entries which include both words.
E.g.: Moon AND Phases will deliver all software which includes both the word "Moon" and the word "Phases" in the description, regardless of where they are.

OR Searches for entries which include one word or the other.
E.g.: Moon OR Phases will deliver all software which includes either the word "Moon" or the word "Phases" in the description.

"" Enclose an expression with "" and you will search for an exact match.
E.g.: "Moon Phases" will deliver all software which includes the occurrence of the words "Moon" and "Phases" one next to the other.

- Use the minus operator before a word so as to exclude it from the search results.
E.g.: Moon -Phases will deliver all software with the word "Moon" but without the word "Phases" in the description.


Filter by combining multiple criteria >>

Combine one or more of the following categories "Operating System, Purpose, License, Language" and one or more "Search Terms" to filter the results.

For instance you can search for all software running under Windows which belongs to the categories "Moon" and "Ephemerides" and also includes the world "Colongitude" in the description.

List all in one page >>

Shows all software in one long single page list with the title and a very short description.

Screen shots Gallery >>

Sometimes looking at a screen shot of how a program looks can appeal to your interest. Here you will find miniatures off all screen shots.

List of Tags/Keywords >>

A multitude of keywords have been selected and applied along with each program's description. Here you can see a full list and search for what interests you.

Sitemap >>

Pretty much the same as the "Downloads" menu item but in a single page and within a single grasp.

Navigating through categories

While looking at the full details of any given software you will notice in the end a number of information fields are supplied. Namely, “License" distribution terms; "Author(s), Operating System, Category" of Purpose, "Languages" supported and a variable number of additional "tags" highlighted inside a  (see sample screen capture below).

Notice that these tagged words are all linked to pages listing programs sharing the same feature. Therefore, if you clicked "Neal Monks" you would be taken to a list with all software entries where Neale is the programmer. If you clicked "English”, you would be taken to a list of other software translated into this language. If you clicked "Astrometry" you would see a list off all astrometry related software and so forth (note: if you which to combine multiple categories you can always use the "Software Filter" feature - see above).

You are therefore able to navigate and find what interests you based on the common descriptive “word” you are interested in (just click it!).

A programmatically generated list of "Similar software" based on the number of shared features (value given in %) is also available.