How to add or update content?

Want to add new software to our database or perhaps update the details for an application already included?

A - Anyone reading  this can immediately add a new software or article:

Click here to Add a New Software >>
Click here to Add a New Article >>


B - To edit an existing Software you need to be a registered user.

Authenticated users get credit for their contributions, benefit from increased editing functionality, can better interface with social networks and customize a lot of stuff.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Register >> for a new account or better still optionally just use an OpenID (e.g. Google, Yahoo or Blogger accounts...) you already have elsewhere(*) to Log in >>.
  2. Once Logged In you will see a menu and other options allowing you to modify existing entries or post new ones with your name:


(*) By associating and OpenID with an user account you can login here in the future with a single click, by using external credentials, thus avoiding  the nag of "one more login to remember". If you do not do this association immediately upon first creating  your account you can do so anytime later by editing your profile ("My account" -> tab "OpenID identities").

Bear in mind that content modifications are moderated. Once submitted, approval may take a few hours.