List of software included in this site

3D Mars Spirit Rover Simulator The simulation contains several paragraphs of informational text and a Mars environment the user can traverse.
3D Moon Viewer A hi-resolution 3D Moon globe you can easily rotate, zoom in and out with your mouse.
3D Solar System A rolling 3D solar system with all the planets and some big moons orbit.
3Dfication Software to turn a simple 2D image of a planet or the moon into a “3D” image. Animations can be saved in AVI.
3DStarchart 3D Starchart as the name implies is a 3D astronomy program, which runs on the BeOS.
Accurate Times Accurate Times is the official program adopted by the Jordanian Ministry of Islamic Affairs to calculate the prayer times in Jordan.
ACP - Observatory Control Software Package for integrating observatory instruments into a unified system. The design goal is to hide all the details if acquiring images.
Aladin Aladin is an interactive software sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized images of any part of the sky, to superimpose entries from ast
Alcyone Ephemeris Alcyone Ephemeris is an accurate and fast astronomical ephemeris calculator covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3000
Almanac It allows the creation of a complete astronomical almanac for a selected location.
Almanac "The almanac module for the DRUPAL CMS provides twilight times, sunrise/set and moonrise/set data for any location.
Almicantarat Tool for celestial navigation.
AlphaCentaure Multipurpose planetarium. One of the best around, and still getting better...
Altair Altair is an astronomy calculator for Windows.
Andromeda Sky View for Windows Mobile Smartphones Andromeda Sky View is a planetarium software, that can show you an interactive sky map on your Windows Mobile device. Program features:
APOD (desktop wallpapers software) Astronomy Picture of the DAY is a website hosted by NASA/GSFC and maintained by professional astronomers who pick a new exciting beautiful astronom
APOD Grabber «APOD Grabber is a little application that gives you the ability to quickly and easily view, browse, and download images from NASA’s Astronomy Pict
APT - Astro Photography Tool APT - Astro Photography Tool is an application that allows controlling Canon EOS and ASCOM compatible CCD cameras and is completely designed with astro imaging in mind. The focus of this tool is to automate the control of your camera, to help in almost all stages of your imaging session, to preserve the dark adaptation of your eyes and to bring all this packed in flexible and easy to use form.
Artemis Navigator CAD program created using the Artemis system  for the simulation of appearance of star charts.
ASCOM Plataform Group of drivers for most computerized telescopes, domes and focusers.
Astra Image A powerful image processing solution featuring maximum entropy and Lucy-Richardson deconvolution, polynomial and FFT correlation image registration
ASTRO Multipurpose software (ephemerides, planetarium...) written in QuickBASIC and best suited for altazimuthal / dobsonian telescope owners.
Astro Helper Free software to help Dobsonian users find deep sky objects in seconds.
Astro Panel Astronomy weather forecast for mobile phones.
Astro Timer This program is for Pocket PC (PPC) enabled PDA's it simply registers screen taps and records the time of the ''tap''.
Astro-Physics GTO Mini Control Control any Astro-Physics GTO mount via one of it's serial ports.  It is designed to use small windows to allow computer manual control of the moun
Astro-Snap Astro-Snap allows you to take astronomical pictures at low cost with a webcam. Features include:
Astro.xls Astronomy spreadsheet for a variety of useful and interesting information: calculate minimum and maximum powers for any telescope; calculate power,
AstroAlarm A program which can be used either as a timer or an alarm (say for image capture).
AstroAlign Software program for unconventional (?) image processing of astronomical and other images.
AstroAlign for iOS AstroAlign helps you identify and select the alignment stars your Meade Autostar Goto telescope needs to accurately align itself.
AstroBuffer  "AstroBuffer is a CCD astrophotography image manipulation application. Current Features:
AstroByte Logging System The AstroByte Logging System is an easy to use database to keep all your astronomical observations together in one package.
AstroCalc AstroCalc enables you to : - To calculate the position of planets and give their appearance.
Astrocam Application to help managing the full process of acquiring images with any camera working with a WDM driver.
AstroCC - Coordinate Converter for Astronomy Coordinate conversion utility for astronomy. It accepts an object designation or the coordinates of an object and calculates coordinates in alterna
Astrochamps Displays, simulates and let's you compare the field of view of a given observation target (e.g. the Moon) using certain equiment combinations, namely chip size, the eyepiece or camera used and optical assembly.
AstroClock AstroClock FX (Java) gives you Seven Date/Time Clocks all on one screen!
AstroExcel Surprising MS Excel spreadsheets (including cool graphics) for miscellaneous astro calculations.
AstroFly The main purpose is to present the three-dimensional models of our neighbourhood in our own Milky Way Galaxy o­n a personal computer.
Astrofoto Calculates the adequate parameters for astrophotography exposures both by using the prime focus and eyepiece projection methods.
Astrogemini Application to control a motorized mount using the GoTo Gemini system from Losmandy.
AstroGrav Software that allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity.
Astroimagine Calculator Little application to calculate the F/D (Focal Length/Aperture) ratio and resolving power of your telescope as well as the field of view and size p
AstroInfo Astro Info is an open-source astronomical ephemeris/almanac for PalmOS.
AstrojanTools for EOS "Software for astronomical photographers that work with the Canon EOS series. Chief features include: Powerful focusing (taking photos as single shot or sequence shot) positioning analysing and document pictures You can get the software in two versions: an ASCOM and an Non-ASCOM version.
Astrolabe The Electric Astrolabe is a fully animated planetarium program in the form of a planispheric astrolabe.
Astrolabe Tool to design, download and later print the plans to build an Astrolabe (a sort of improved planisphere in practice) suitable for a chosen locatio
Astrolabium With AstroLabium you can measure the angle between objects on astrophotos, e.g. the distance between double stars.
AstrolabiumPlus Virtual Planetarium and other astronomical calculation routines for Positional Astronomy (Ephemeris Calculation / ISS Visibility / Eclipses / Calen
Astrolinux Live-CD of professional astronomical software.
AstroMAT Using this program you can determine the dates of the occurrence of New Moons and Solar and Lunar Eclipses.
AstroMeeus Almanac like program, an implementation of some formulas of Jean Meeus book on astronomical algorithms (Sun, Moon - including eclipses - and Planet
Astrometrica «Astrometrica is a interactive software tool for scientific grade astrometric data reduction of CCD images.
Astromist Astromist lets you easily locate and compute position of stars (up to 2.5 million),planets or sky objects (18200 included) of most well known catal
Astromix Application to process captured CCD images, AVI files and make the handling of your CCD operations a breeze.
AstroMosaic Software that makes easier the creation of lunar mosaics. Features include:
Astronomer's Digital Clock (ADC) Great tool, geared to time counting, with a good set of features: «Date is displayed in scientific format for local date UTC date and Julian Date f
Astronomic Clock ASTRONOM provides a host of data o­n the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets seen from anywhere o­n Earth.
Astronomica WinAstronomica generates sky maps at any time, from anywhere on Earth.
Astronomical Software Controller - PicGoto,PicGoto++. PicGoto,Picgoto++ systems are designed for the control of Equatorial Mounts and  recently Alt-Azimutals mounts too .
AstroNomio Integrated and well achieved set of useful programs for many purposes and calculations: astrophotography with a reflex camera, CCD, telescope optic
Astronomy by calculations 3 Detailed ephemerides calculation for solar system bodies and planetarium.
Astronomy Calculators Integrated suite of utilities  aiming at helping amateur astronomers with the mundane calculations conversions for optics and telescopes. The program also calculates planetary/lunar ephemerides, orbit properties, and downloads live images of the Sun, satellite tracks and auroral ovals from the internet.
Astronomy CCD Calculator A handy tool designed to help beginner Astronomers. The software Astronomy CCD Calculator uses NASA/SkyView survey resource which provides CCD images of the night sky.
Astronomy Guide Pocket Directory Palm OS Database Just how big is Jupiter? Need some fast facts about our solar system? Your search has ended!
Astronomy Laboratory for Windows Once superb program.
Astronomy Picture of the Day This Widget will display the daily "Astronomy Picture of the Day." Hovering over the image will pop up an explanation in a tooltip.
AstroNotes Logging and webcam control program.
AstroPhotography Exposure Calculator Calculates exposures for pictures of celestial objects and the parameters of optical systems, especially the f-ratio, which is necessary for calcul
Astroplanner Stand-alone application that allows the user to plan and execute an observing session.
AstroSat32 The program computes star maps with 15639 stars (to mag.
AstroSky Planetarium and ephemerides calculation application.
AstroSolar Didactic software which explains in a concise manner the dynamics and constitution of the Solar System Planets, Moons and Sun.
AstroStack 3 LE AstroStack 3 LE is an advanced freeware image stacking program. It is based upon plug-ins, making it very flexible and extensible.
AstroSynthesis Star mapping system for «sci-fi gamers, authors, and space buffs.» With AstroSynthesis, you can can map out large portions of space - plotting star
AstroTortilla AstroTortilla wraps together software used in astrophotography by using plate solver software to work out the coordinates of a stellar photo to eas
AstroVideo AstroVideo helps you to do astro imaging with a webcam or a video capture device.
AstroViewer A Java applet (available for download and offline use) that helps you to find your way in the night sky quickly and easily.
AstroWin & Sarosportrait Wolfgang Strickling offers a bunch of small free programs of astronomical interest.
AstroWorkBench Scope Calculations To be used by observers to show the following data about Scope and CCD set-up:
AstroZip A small, but useful and flexible utility to simplify the task of creating zip files for large volumes of AVI files, thus making it easier to store
ATC - Advanced Telescope Control and Auto Center Features include: «Total control of the telescope. Objects aiming programmed in delayed mode. Composition and observation of objects lists.
Atlas Gnomónico Assists the visual observation of meteors. Produces gnomonic projection charts, with any given centre and at different scales.
ATMOS ATMOS stands for «Amateur Telescope Maker Optical design and analysis Software».
AudeLA Offers advanced image processing and acquisition functions .
Aurora Displays a formatted image of NOAA POES data from the site showing you the current aurora activity in the Northern or Southern hemisphere.
Automapper II Automapper works with TheSky, CCDSoft, and TPoint to automate the process of mapping points.
AutoStakkert! 2 According to the author "AutoStakkert! 2 is all about alignment and stacking of image sequences.
AVE AVE stands for «Analysis de Variabilidad Estelar», Spanish for «Analysis of Stellar Variability».
Avi2BMP Avi2BMP is suited for planetary image composition.
AviRaw AviRaw allows opening of an AVI and: preview as ordinary RGB (decoded via codec as usual)
AVIS - FITS viewer Opens FITS files and supports multiple file opening and drag & drop from Explorer and other Windows shells; imports CCD files: like SBIG ST8, S
BaAlien A wireless application that allows access to your current personal and project statistics of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) r
BackyardEOS BackyardEOS delivers on the functionality needed to achieve astrophotography results from Canon DSLR cameras. Features include:
BackyardRED Turns your computer monitor into a night vision friendly monitor.
Bahtinov Grabber The application grabs an area of your windows screen and finds the focusing accuracy.
BaSatellite A wireless palm application that locates and predicts the location of the Global Positioning System(GPS) satellites.
BaTime Retrieve the official time of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and United States.
Best Pair II Best Pair II is a port of Jim Burrows' BestPair DOS program.
BifsConv This software is a to-FITS (fit) image converter; it accepts images in various formats like: bmp, imq, st4, stx, ima, cpa, pic, tif, tiff, nef, gif
Binary Stars Software for Macintosh computers, complete with manuals teaches binary star concepts may be used in a classroom or lab setting or for self-educatio
Binary v3.0 This program simulates eclipsing binary stars and displays the light curves.
BitmapLayer, CMYG and Fast Fourier Transform Plugins for AstroArt & more A bunch of free software tools for astrophotography purposes. Meant to be used alone or with Giotto, Astrostack and Registax .
Blink Comparator Affords viewing several images in succession, for ease of "comparison".
Blue Marble Viewer (BMV) BMV provides users with a visualization tool of the entire NASA Blue Marble Data imagery, by paging in regions of interest as the user interacts wi
BoPlanets A virtual planetarium showing the solar system planets relative to any other planet.
C-Munipack Complete solution for reduction of images carried out by CCD cameras, intended on observation of variable stars.
C2A - Computer Aided Astronomy Planetarium software that allows you to build detailed views of stellar fields.
C88 Provides detailed information about the celestial objects visible with naked eye, and may be used to aid in viewing of deep sky objects through the
Cadet Image processing program, with special focus on astronomical image processing.
Calcphot Calculates exposure times for lunar and planetary photography; calculates the performances of a given scope; helps evaluating the quality of an obs
Calculador Relación S/R Using this little software it is possible to estimate the limit magnitude of each configuration by analyzing the different combinations of telescop
Calculation of the position of the hour axis Programs for the calculation of the position of the hour axis.
Calenda Shows the position of the terminator over a lunar surface map, pointing (literally) and naming the craters currently nearby.
Calendrier perpétuel Perpetual calendar, whose features include:
Callipygian 3D Photo Editing Software.
Camera Controller (Olympus) Control your Olympus camera remotely from your laptop when doing afocal astrophotography -- IT WORKS GREAT!!
CCD Based on your selection of CCD cameras, telescopes and camera lens (easily added or selected from lists including the most popular) it will calcula
CCD Calc Little application to calculate the F/D (Focal Length/Aperture) ratio and resolving power of your telescope as well as the field of view and size p
CCD Calc Mosaic Program to ease the process of calculating the coordinates of single frames in CCD mosaics.
CCD Commander CCD Commander will control your CCD camera exposures, your mount movement, and your focuser to completely automate your night's imaging.
CCDAutoPilot An application which uses your camera control program, and optionally your telescope control and focuser control programs to automate many of the k
CCDCalc CCD correct exposure calculator. A program dedicated to the calculation of the correct exposure per frame according to the equipment used.
CCDExposure CCDExposure is an application intended to assist beginning CCD users in determining exposure times.
Celestia Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions.
Celestia German Add-On for Chris Laurel's free 3D-Solar-System Simulation Celestia. For all users, who want to use Celestia in German with German Scripts.
Celestial Maps Astronomy planetarium & mapping software using 5 projections types & 15 catalogs (Tycho-2, GSC, PPM, SAO, NGC2000, etc).
Celestron CGE (Nexstar) Emulator Lets your PC look like a Celestron CGE (Nexstar) telescope mount. Requires one serial port on the pc, can be an USB to serial device.
ChView ChView is intended as a three-dimensional aid to: viewing some of the nearer stars of our galaxy; navigating the distances between them; and access
Circe Program for positional astronomy of Minor planets and comets; it offers all necessary tools to get precise measurements out of CCD pictures.
CMWIN32, comet ephemeris A 32 bit Windows (Windows 95 and higher) program that will calculate and print a comet ephemeris that includes RA, DEC, Alt, AZ, estimated brightne
CNebulaX Freeware charting software oriented to deep sky astronomy, including 25 million stars (GSC1.2), 1.25 million deep sky objects, 2300 comets and 300,
COELIX LITE Free version of the impressive and all encompassing sky mapping, ephemeris and virtual planetarium software 
Coelum Azimuthal and equatorial planetarium with gnomonic and stereographic projections, visibility of the Moon and Planets.
Color Mechanic,Photoshop A selective colour correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and compatible programs.
Colorgramme for M-Analyzer Colorgramme for M-Analyzer is able to read your Mhdata files created by the M-Analyzer program.
Colorgramme WMeteor Specialized software for the detection and registration of radio echoes produced by meteor showers (falling stars) at the time of their entry in th
Comet for Windows Comet for Windows is a software to analyze light curves of comets, or to support observation of comets.
Comete e Asteroidi Superb program, suitable for all those interested in the smaller bodies of the solar system.
Comewin Comewin is the Windows version of Desorb, which traces and prints the orbit of a chosen comet and, by reference, the position of the Earth.
Computer-based Astronomy labs These Excel spreadsheets include two experiences intended for use in lower-level undergraduate non-calculus based Astronomy lab courses (non-Scienc
Conversiones This software does three sorts of calculations: Conversion between degrees and hours, sexagesimal and decimal.
Conversor mrM «Conversor mrM» (Converter of Distances and Magnitudes mrM) is a visual basic tool, including four modules, that allows the conversion between the
Coolsky CoolSky is a program built entirely in OpenGL technology.
CooReader2 A program to move your data from Brno maps to a file. Runs on Windows 95/98.
Copernic If you have ever wanted to discover what lies out there in the deep parts of space, or just around our planet in the Solar System, Copernic Space S
Copernicus Astronomical Almanac for Acorn RISC OS Computers.
CORO Program for assisting the conception of the optics needed for building a coronagraph (a telescope that artificially simulates a total eclipse of th
Correct Optical simulation program developed for the design and construction of field correctors, eyepieces and other dioptric devices for Newtonian telesc
Corrida Useful program to convert your observation from maps Bro to a database. Runs on Linux and in future on Windows.
Cosmic Debris Cosmic Debris is an Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern lights) monitor menu item.
Craters screensaver Screensaver which simulates cratering of initially flat terrain, obeying the same principles observed, for instance, on the surface of the Moon.
CroTool Logging tool for both astronomical observations and astrophotographical acquisitions.
CyberSky CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program that provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and explore the sky visible in
Dan's Eclipsing Binary Stars This program simulates eclipsing binary stars and displays the light curves.
Dark Skies Application created to help determine the times of the year when the night sky will be totally dark and to show the results in a graphical fashion.
DarkAdapted DarkAdapted is a gamma control application program.
DarkSky A Windows 3.1 program which installs and runs fine under Windows 98.
Das Planetarium Planetarium application simulating the Sky anywhere on Earth between 1900 and 2100. With an overall attention to eye catchiness and graphical detail among other features it provides details about Saturn and Jupiter moons, the Sun and Moon as well as an ephemerides almanac, which supplies information on major celestial events.
Daylight Chart A program to display sunrise and sunset charts for a whole year at any location in the world. Charts can be customized, saved, and printed.
dblCalc Double Star Separation Calculator Beyond the scientific significance of double star systems in the near cosmos, double stars have played an important role in the inspiration of amat
Dead Pixel Test This free utility enables you to easily test your digital camera for dead and hot pixels. No direct interest to astrophotography but useful.
Deep Space Sky mapping software.
Deep Space Observing Log Deep Space Observing Log 2.0 interfaces with computerized telescope positioning systems - both GOTO systems and Digital Setting Circles (DSCs) - us
Deep-Sky Hunter star atlas A printable deep sky atlas in PDF format with stars down to mag. 10.2m and DSO down to mag. 14.0
Deepsky Collection of observer friendly software tools designed to make your observing sessions more fun and productive. 
Deepsky Imaging May 24, 2009 - New Version 1.2.2 - Now adds AVI video capture in addition to TIF capture.
DeepskyLog DeepskyLog is a free Web application that lets you keep track of your deepsky observations.
DeepSkyStacker DeepSkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures and is specialized in RAW fil
Designer-Moon This program is based on vb-moonticker but with a completely new (and great looking) design signed by the German artist Donald Wienand
designerSKY designerSKY is a program to show the current constellations of the sky.
Desire A simple image acquisition program which also supports auto-guiding and self-guiding. Desire saves images in BMP format.
Desorb, Univers, MSA and Photom Desorb traces and prints the orbit of a chosen comet and, by reference, the position of the Earth.
DiagonalCalc Calculates parameters related to the size and placement of the diagonal mirror of a Newtonian telescope.
Diamap and Focale Diamap calculates the apparent diameter of an object according to the focal distance of the telescope and the eyepiece you are usi
Digital Almanac General purpose planetarium like app for the Amiga OS.
DIMM Seeing Monitor Computes reliable seeing in your observing place from star image.
Distant Suns 6 SE Very complete, this program is a planetarium like evolution, allowing to observe the universe from anywhere in the solar system; also includes a lu
DitherMaster Providing an automatic dithering feature while imaging an astronomical object with no human intervention is the purpose of this program currently a
dObjects You overhear a friend mention that he recently observed a really cool deep-sky object named Minkowski's Footprint.
DOF DOF is a program for photographers that computes the depth of field for a lens given its focal length, f stop, focus distance and the desired resol
DomeView A lunar cartography program whose aim is to ease the identification of lunar features - and especially of domes.
DoubletCalc DoubletCalc is a nice Windows program, that comes with a Mac OS design and runs under all Windows platforms.
Dr. Regener Sun-Moon-Calendar Calculates the sets, rises and phases of the sun and moon. It covers almost 2000 locations in 96 countries.
DSLR Shutter DSLR Shutter is designed to be a simple tool to capture long-exposure images from digital SLR cameras using their "bulb" setting.
DSLR Timer DSLR Timer is a DSLR interval timer using the parallel port or serial port of your notepad or PC.It can control series
DSO DSO is a freeware astronomical program that should help to plan observations of deep sky objects.
E.T. Counter E.T.
Eagle Lander 3D Eagle Lander 3D is the development of the most realistic and complete simulation of the Apollo lunar landings ever made.
Earth Centered Universed ECU was the program I got more mails of users appalled because I did not mentioned it. Here it is.
Earth Orbit Objects (EOO) The primary goal of Earth Orbit Objects is to predict satellite passes for your local area. Views are displayed using 3 modes Earth, globe and sky. Additionally, Iridium flare track predictions can be exported to and seen in Google Earth.
Earth Screen Saver The Earth screen saver displays an image of the Earth as currently illuminated by the Sun, from a variety of viewpoints.
Earth3D Screensaver The Earth3D Screensaver accurately renders the surface of Earth using data from the GLOBE project.
Easy Light - Save the Sky Useful tool in the fight against light pollution!
Easysky Features: . Multiple Document Interface (MDI) - more than one window simultaneously .
Eclipse A program for searching and graphically simulating lunar and solar eclipses with great precision ranging from the year 4713 B.C to 6500 A.C.
Eclipse Calculator A local conditions eclipse calculator for (java-enabled) mobile phones.
Eclipsing Binary Simulator (EBS) EBS is an astronomy application to visualise the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems.
EfeCalc EfeCalc is a Windows program that produces highly accurate astronomical ephemeris, including: rise, transit and set times for the Sun, Moon and Pla
Elbrus "Telescope pointing program. It analyzes a sky image with a few stars, and calculates the coordinates of the image centre.
Element Manager Designed to manipulate NASA/NORAD "two line elements". Files containing 2 line elements will be imported regardless of accompanying text.
EmapWin Simulates solar eclipses from 3000 BC to 3000 AD.
Encyclopaedia Galactica A star charting and graphical ephemeris program.
EOS Bulb Tool Extremly small tool (20KByte) to make bulb exposures with Canon EOS cameras over serial cable including mirror locking and dithering with PHD.
ephem "PyEphem provides scientific-grade astronomical computations for the Python programming language.
Ephemerides of variable stars Program which computes times of minima of eclipsing binary stars. The data of variable stars are read from several catalogue files.
Ephemeris Ephemeris is a program that lets you enter a date and a location and then computes the time and azimuth (compass bearing) or sunrise, sunset, moonr
Ephemeris Solar system ephemeris program.
Ephemeris Calculator This application computes ephemerides for comets, asteroids and other solar system objects (planets, Sun, Moon).
Ephemeris Tool Software to calculate all sorts of ephemeris-tables. Allows you to create Microsoft Excel *.xls-files. Extremely good and complete.
EQAlign & ¡Kalyke "Originally born to assist the alignment of a German Equatorial Mount (GEM) to the Earth polar axis.
EQMOD Suite of open source applications that can provide an alternative to the hand controller on supported German Equatorial Mounts:
EquinoX For Apple Macintosh computers.
ESA Mars Express Screensavers The remarkably detailed images of the surface of Mars shown in these screensavers were taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on board Mars Exp
Esquire Nautical Almanac Almanac based on the VSOP 87 theory. For stars the effects of aberration, precession and nutation are applied. Epoch 2000 is used.
Europe Meteo by satellite View meteo by satellite. Zoom by click and drag on the image wherever you want.
European Space Agency Screensavers Themes range from the Moon craters and the Mars Express Mission to flags and other ESA related pictography.
exoExplorer "Application being developed by Tom Morris of and Fullerton College.
Expose Expose is an automated exposure guide for photographers that computes recommended exposures given film speed, filter being used, type of film, and
Eyepiece Projection Calculator Calculate exposure times for eyepiece projection (afocal coupling) for various planets and lunar phases.
fchart According to the author, the purpose of the collection of python scripts named fchart "is to create practical, well readable, deta
Field of View Calculator Calculate field of view in degrees for Cameras and CCDs.
Find_Orb FIND_ORB can take a set of observations of an asteroid or comet, given in MPC (Minor Planet Center) format, and find the corresponding orbit.
Fireball Fireball is free software to calculate the atmospheric trajectory and heliocentric orbit of meteoroids.
FITS Liberator,Photoshop A free software plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that makes a treasure trove of archival astronomical images and spectra from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space
FITS Upload Developed to automatically upload FITS files after an imaging session, saved by the camera control software during the automated procedures on a re
Fits4Win A Windows Suite for viewing and inspecting FITS files from Explorer.
FITSBrowser This program browses files in FITS-Format for quick view. The FITS Header is displayed if desired.
FitsPlug FITS plug-in for Adobe Photoshop V5+ for Windows.
FITSview With easy to o use graphical controls, will display astronomical images in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format allowing zooming, scro
Fitswork A program for the treatment of pictures, namely for astrophotographical purposes.
FitsX FitsX is an astronomical image processing application that handles FITS images up to 32-bits as well as other common formats.
Flash Planetarium A great idea by Nicolas Grégoire.
Flashskies Flashskies (Flash Skies) is an online planetarium which runs on every browser who supports the Adobe Flash plugin.
Flux Density Many of us have calibrated Noise source generators to estimate Background Temperature vs Jovian & Solar radio bursts.
FocusMax "FocusMax software uses a new auto focus algorithm that developed specifically for amateur astronomers.
Fokuspokus Telescope control program with integrated camara control for DSLR and webcam (supports AVI and long exposures).  It combines focuser, mount and camera to an astrocamera.
Footprint - satellite tracker Some of the features are:
Foucault Foucault is an Amateur Telescope Making freeware for controlling telescope mirrors with the measures from the Foucault meter.
Foucault Test - Mirror Surface Profiler [BROKEN] Intended for the private use of Amateur Telescope Makers who grind, polish and figure their own precision optics, and who use the Foucault Knife Ed
Foucault Test Analysis Foucault Test Analysis for Windows is a program for the evaluation of the readings taken in the Foucault test. It offers the following features:
Free Virtual Galaxy «The purpose of the Free Virtual Galaxy Project (FVG) is to provide a zero cost, interactive 3D virtual reality system which allows users to "fly"
G-LenS «The aim of this project was to obtain and use a knowledge of gravitational lensing to develop a computer model to simulate lensing effects on dist
Galactic Viewer «A simple application that allows you to view the Milky Way Galaxy from overhead and zoom in and out.
GalaSimu Simulates interacting galaxies. Features:     
Galaxy Collisions This program for Windows simulates the collision of two galaxies. Each galaxy has its mass, number of stars, and orientation set by the user.
Galaxy Collisions Simulation This is a simple program designed to graphically portray how disk galaxies can transform themselves through collisions.
Galiléo Software whose features include: calculation of Jupiter's ephemeris; displays the shadows and the four main satellites; the Great Red Spot (GRS); M
GCollider GCollider simulates the interaction of galaxies based on the reduced n-body-calculation.
GCX GCX is a rewrite of the former cx program using Gtk1.2.
GeoPlayer Mars Demo The GeoPlayer Mars program allows you to explore the Red Planet in 3D from outer space to rocks on the Martian surface or fly through valleys and o
GestImg Application for the management of astronomical images.
GiGiWxCapture Assistant which can be used together with any CCD/video capture devices for which a real-time capture driver is available.
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source multi-plataform application with an extensive set of features for image processing, rivaling comme
GIOTTO An image processing program that is particularly suitable and optimized for the treatment of mass pictures of video and multimedia streams.
gkrellmoon A Moon clock plug-in for GKrellM that shows the current moon phase for your location.
gkrellsun gkrellsun is a plug-in for GKrellM which can display the following: Sun's setting time Sun's rising time
Glasscalc It is often the case, that the refractive indices you need for some calculations are not in the used glass catalogue.
Globular Cluster This simple DOS program written in Turbo Pascal simulates globular clusters pictorially.
GlobularClusters The “GlobularClusters” software was originally conceived to generate high resolution, photo-realistic 3D images of globular clusters, then it was i
GNOME Lunar Clock Applet GNOME Lunar Clock Applet displays the current phase of the Moon as an applet for the gnome panel.
Gnome Predict Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application.
GoldWave Analysis and storage of radio telescope data can be a major problem.
Google Sky Map for Android With Google Sky Map for your Android phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space.
GorbTrack "Geostationary Orbit Tracker is a freeware program intended to be an aid in finding geostationary satellites.
GPS Great graphics if you just want to see how satellites orbit the Earth and watch things from "up there", but it misses a few basic functions for gro
Gps Control 2 This program puts a virtual Lx-200 Gps hand controller on the Windows desktop.
GradientXTerminator «A gradient removal plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® that is fast, easy to use, and really works.
GrandTour GRANDTOUR can simulate space as seen from the Voyager and Giotto spacecraft.
GraphDark GraphDark allows you to work out when an astronomical object will be visible from your location and when moonlight, twilight or low haze will affec
Gravitation3D Gravitation3D is an OpenGL based shareware program written for Windows.
Gravitational Lensing Einstein's General Theory of Relativity demonstrates that a large mass can deform space-time and bend the path of light.
Gravitorium «The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with ideas about gravity and gravitational systems.
Gravity 6 Gravity 6 simulates planets orbiting stars, moons orbiting planets and stars orbiting stars and all of the action can take place in 3D.
Gravity Simulator Gravity Simulator provides amateur astronomers with a powerful numerical integration tool.
Gravity3D Gravity3D simulates galaxy collisions using the gravity equation F=G*M1*M2/R^2 It displays hundreds of thousands of stars in real-time using OpenGL
gSky Digest Windows system tray desktop application that presents astronomy events calculated for your home location.
GuideDog Standalone auto guiding for webcams.        Features:
Guidemaster "Universal Webcam Autoguiding tool for astrophotography. Supported cameras for Guideing
H-R Calc for Windows Plots and makes easy the study of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.
Hal 9000 Screen saver Remember 2001.A Space Odyssey ? Well Hal 9000 is alive and well at the Hal Corporation.
HAL9000 A novel Widget where HAL9000 periodically speaks.
Halley - Electronic Ephemeris of Comets "Free software for management and working with the regularly updated database of comets, containing Keplerian orbital elements, non-gravitational a
Hallo northern sky Competent planetarium. Extremely easy to use, complete with a small SAO star database, comet and asteroid and deep sky databases.
Happix An image processing software better suited for the post-treatment phase.
HEALPix HEALPix is an acronym for Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelisation of the sphere.  
Heavensat Program for visual observing of artificial satellites.
Héclium Total solar eclipses simulator. Features include:
Helio Helio calculates the latitude/longitude and area of sunspots. The only inputs are the data/time, the sunspot x and y coordinates and sunspot size.
Home Planet A multi-functional application, opens with an animation showing the progression of the sun lighten face of the globe and also includes, for instanc
Home Planet Screen Saver A screen saver which displays the the Earth map with day and night regions and the current position and phase of the Moon as well as the local time
HPlanétarium HPlanétarium is a very fast and accurate astronomy program. It supports all the planets apart from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
HROFFT2RMOB This program will convert HROFFT .png files into RMOB files and display as Colorgramme.
Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries & Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide Soar through the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, exploring some of its most significant discoveries – from dark energy to colliding galaxies. Descend to Earth, where Hubble's successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, readies for the future of astronomy. Image galleries, video, and interactives bring home the telescopes' science and engineering in this pair of free books available both in PDF and iPAD formats.
iAstroPhoto Digital camera focus and control software for astrophotography using Macintosh OS X.
iCCD «iCCD has been written so that astrophotos can be collected on an Apple OS X computer with the Starlight Express line of CCD cameras.
Image Match An aid for when you need to match two pictures in Photoshop taken with the objects displaced a certain timelapse and or with different amplificatio
Image Tool Image processing and analysing software. Very complex. Highly recommendable.
ImageJ Data Types: 8-bit greyscale or indexed colour, 16-bit unsigned integer, 32-bit floating-point and 32-bit RGB colour.
Imagen - CCDC Imagen is image acquisition software for old Starlight Xpress CCD cameras.
ImagesPlus Advanced image processing software, whose features include: image modelling; restoration; colour processing; calibration; local neighbourhood funct
iMerge IMerge is a program which allows multiple images to be placed onto a large virtual 'canvas', and arranged to produce a single large composite image
INDI Library The Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface (INDI) Library is a cross-platform software designed for automation & control of astronomical inst
Interactive Computer Ephemeris «The program covers nearly all that is given in the yearly "Astronomical Almanac" published by USNO.
iPrep iPrep is an interactive image pre-processor.
IRAF IRAF is the "Image Reduction and Analysis Facility".
IridiumFlares IridiumFlares is an application that predicts the flares produced by the constellation of communication satellites known as Iridium.
IRIS Simulates light scattering by cloud and fog droplets using the Mie theory. Glories, fogbows and coronae plotted.
Iris Iris offers numerous and powerful functions of image processing in the field of the digital astronomical images; and is particularly optimized to e
iS3 The iS3 application talks to NASA's web servers over the internet and uses their 'NASA Solar System Simulator' to return an image of any planet or
ISIS Integrated Spectrographic Innovative Software (ISIS) is an application dedicated to processing of astronomical spectral data.
ISS locator A simple Widget to show the location of the International Space Station.
ISS VRM Simulator A Virtual Reality Simulator for the International Space Station. Summary of features:
Izzys Skylog A fine program for beginners about the constellations. Easy to use and with a lot of information of where and when to look.
J3D - Solar System Simulator A 3D simulation of the solar system which should run on all platforms/OS with an installed Java Virtual Machine.
Java Solar System Simulator A Java program which simulates the apparent sight of any planet for any given location and time (from 1900 to 2100 AC) and also shows their satelli
Javascript AstroTools Collection of Javascript tools for performing various astronomical calculations. Source is available for download and off-line use. Results can be produced either in text or graphical form.
Javascript Eclipse Calculator Javascript that calculates the local circumstances of solar eclipses.
JODAS JODAS stands for «Java Optical Design and Analysis Software».
Jovian This program helps you to easily locate and identify the Galilean moons and animates their orbits.
JTides «JTides is an accurate, easy-to-use tide and current prediction program.
Jupiter Jupiter 2.0 is a software for the calculation of Jupiter's satellites ephemeris, with a graphical view of the Jovian system.
Jupiter Moons 2 Plot and animate the positions of IO, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.
JupSat 95 Featuring pretty attractive graphics, the program shows the status of Jupiter's four largest moons, with the option of inverting the poles for tele
JupView Astronomy software for the Pocket PC (PPC) PDA palm sized computer.
Just Moon Just Moon (formerly called qmoon) is a lunar observing software for Linux, Zaurus, and potentially other platforms.
K3CCDTools Software for capturing and processing astronomy pictures. Features, among many others:
Kagayaki-IV Known in Japan as «Super Star IV», comes in three flavours: «Professional», «Navigation» and «Limited» editions.
kAstrHorloge An astronomy software for Linux & KDE. KAstrHorloge is provided with a 10000 stars database.
KAstrometry KAstrometry is an Astrometry program for the KDE Desktop Environment. It is written in Python.
Keith's Image Stacker Keith's Image Stacker is an image processing program that is oriented primarily toward astrophotography.
KStars Part of KDE's «edutainment» project, «provides an accurate graphical simulation of the night sky, from any location on Earth, at any date and time.
L'équation du temps Lets you know the exact value of the equation of time* for any day of the year.
LCGOT - Virtual Sky Browser-based planetarium that lets you see what is visible in the sky from any location on Earth. It can be customized and included on your own website, blog etc.
LCSTARS Basic planetarium with around 29000 objects.
Leaving the Cradle Recreates Apollo missions similar to the first two flights in the program which took the lunar spacecraft into earth orbit and then to within a few
Lever et Coucher du Soleil dans le monde Using this program you will be able to know at any given instant of the day where, over the globe, the Sun is transiting the meridian.
Linear Diameter Calculator Tool for converting the angular diameter of a deep-sky object into its actual (linear) diameter.
Lunar Lunar calculates age lunation,distance,lunar phase, names prominent features and percentage of illumination.
Lunar Calculator Moon atlas and ephemerides calculator. Features include:
Lunar Globe, the Virtual Museum of Lunar Vehicles Lets you interactively survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope.
Lunar Occultation WorkBench Program developed by the Dutch Occultation Association for prediction, observation, data reduction and reporting of lunar occultations.
Lunar Rover SIM "Lunar Rover SIM is based on NASA's Constellation Program architecture.
Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool "Free software tool for the intermediate to advanced student of lunar topography. It permits Moon images in a variety of formats to be located, viewed and compared with a uniform set of tools. It also permits highly accurate measurements to be made on those images.
LunarPhase LunarPhase is a software toolkit for Moon observers that provides a wealth of real-time information and graphics along with a range to tools to ena
LunarPhase Pro LunarPhase Pro is not just a Moon Atlas but a complete Moon observation planning tool providing libration diagrams/movies, times of similar illumin
LunAtlas Photographic Atlas of the Moon done with CCD photos. Meant to let users easily identify lunar features.
LunaView 2000 The most popular feature of LunaView 2000 is its simple to use "Point & Click" lunar globe.
LunCal Calculates detailed lunar and solar ephemerides, including Moon phases, Sun and Moon Eclipses, annual calendars and holidays.
LX200 Allows the control of telescopes of the LX200 series using the serial port.
LX200 Control Panel This is a program for remotely controlling Meade LX200 instruments via the RS232 interface from your desktop or laptop computer, with complete tele
Lynkeos Lynkeos is a Cocoa® application dedicated to the processing of astronomical digital images taken through a telescope.
M-Analyzer Radio meteor observation software geared for soundcard and SSB receivers. Extensive details available on OH5IY Amateur Radio homepage.
macam Driver supporting 400 and something USB webcams on the Macintosh OS.
Maestro A public version of the primary software tool used by NASA scientists to operate the Mars Exploration Rovers.
Making Setting Circles The program will print a large 90 degree protractor to assist in making an azimuth circle.
Mariner 6/7, 9 and 10 Image Browsers. Venera 15/16 Radar Mosaic browser. Viking Orbiter Image Viewer Windows viewers for several data sets offered for free by the NASA.
Mars Exploration Rovers Screen Saver The screensaver automatically downloads the latest available daily status reports and image updates throughout the duration of the rover missions d
Mars Explorer, Mars3D, Venus3D & Earth 3D Mars Explorer allows you to fly at thousands of km/h or drive at 50km/h over an accurately rendered Martian landscape covering an area of 1000kmx10
Mars Flight "Exploration of other planets may involve winged flight vehicles such as This Mars Concept, to bridge the capabilities gap between Orbital and Surf
Mars MOLA Viewer Real-time 3D viewer for Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter topographic data.
Mars Previewer Shows the current phase of Mars and allows you to point and identify the most prominent features, displaying their coordinates.
Mars24 Mars24 is a cross-platform Java application and applet which displays a Mars "sun clock", a graphical representation of Mars showing the current su
Mars3D Screensaver The Mars3D Screensaver accurately renders the surface of Mars using altimetry data from NASA's MGS satellite The planet is rendered using up to 1.8
MarsClock Converts to and from Earth time (Local and UTC) and Mars time (Local Mean Solar Time and Local True Solar Time) for any location.
MarsMap MarsMap shows surface features and the central meridian longitude of Mars. Note: requires MathLib to do the floating-point math.
Maskulator Let´s you load any type of mask and simulate the diffraction pattern for any wavelength.
MathLib MathLib is a PalmOS shared library which makes a complete set of IEEE-754 double-precision math functions available to other PalmPilot applications
MAXCLOCK MAXCLOCK is a high-precision digital astronomical clock.  It displays the following data on your computer screen:
MaxIm DL Provides complete integration of all observatory functions in a single package.
MaxPoint Telescope Mount Modelling Software.
McIDAS-Lite McIDAS-Lite is a free image viewer that provides a simple tool for working with image files that are in McIDAS area or MODIS HDF format.
Meade LX200 (Autostar) and Astro-Physics GTO Emulator Let you PC look like a Meade or AP telescope mount.
Meade LX200 (AutoStar) Mini Control  
Megastar Planetarium like app.
MegaStar Observer's List Goto Display a MegaStar5 Observer's List file for Goto control. Other custom tagged file formats also supported, see program help.
Meridian Graphical ephemeris of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Messier Interface with a database offering detailed information of objects included in the Messier Catalogue.
Messier It shows high resolution images of all of the objects of the Messier catalogue together with information related to the coordinates, dimensions, et
Messier application An electronic catalogue of Messier objects.
Messier Logging System Includes the 110 objects of Messier's Catalogue.
Messier Marathon Planer A small program that will produce for a given location a list/observation plan of observable Messier objects.
Messiggy A database of celestial objects, as catalogued by the French astronomer Charles Messier in the mid-18th century.
MetaGuide "Video-based tool for precise collimation using the in-focus diffraction pattern of a star.
Meteor Specialized software for the detection and registration of radio echoes produced by meteor showers (falling stars) at the time of their entry in th
Meteor Counter With Meteor Counter, you can easily capture meteor observations in your mobile phone with an innovative "piano key" interface. As you tap the keys, Meteor Counter records critical data for each meteor: time, magnitude, latitude, and longitude, along with optional verbal annotations.
Meteoracle Meteoracle is a tool that can be used to predict meteor activity for a given place and time.
MeteorCount 2.x This Program for Palm PDAs is designed to make meteor counting easier.
Meteoric Stream screensaver This screensaver simulates a stream of meteors colliding with a rotating 3D lunar globe. Adjustable parameters.
MetRec Meteor Recognizer is a software package for the automatic detection and analysis of video meteors. In can be used both to inspect video tapes offline, and to do online recognition for an automatic video meteor camera.
MicroObservatory Image A simple to use, yet powerful astronomical image processing program that works with FITS and GIF files. Features:
Mini-sunclock Small utility that plots in real time a choice of 14 miniaturized Earth maps in two dimensions, including the progression of the sun lighten area a
Minima Algol ALGOL is a northern hemisphere star easily visible with the naked eye.
Mirapla Mirapla Sky is designed for learners.
Mobile Jupiter Mobile Jupiter is a J2ME application to plot the relative positions of the galilean moons of Jupiter in a cellphone using Java.
Mobile Planetarium A MIDP1.0/2.0 midlet for most Java-enabled mobile phones (cell phones).
MODAS MODAS stands for «Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software».
MODAS MODAS stands for «Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software».
Moon Dock Moon Dock, a lightweight application designed for displaying up-to-date images of the Moon phase in your system MacOSX Dock or as a floating Moon i
MoonCalc Everything you may ever want to know about the Moon: "position, age, phase, orientation, appearance and visibility for any given date, time and loc
MoonClock This gDesklet shows the current phase of the moon.
MoonIcon Places up to tree icons representing the status of the Moon, Mars and the Earth on the toolbar of Windows.
Moonman Supposedly plots in real time the progression of the umbra over the lunar surface, but it does so with an extreme lack of precision.
MoonPhase MoonPhase displays the current phase of the moon on the Today Screen of your Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device..
MoonPhase Display the current Moon Phase on your mobile phone. Source available.
Moonphase Moonphase - displays the current moon phase of selected day.
Moontool An application made as a demonstration on how to use the various algorithms offered for free by the author and based upon the book "Astronomical Al
Moovastar, Resolution and others... Using the Bright Star Catalogue (down to mag.
MOP MOP (Meteor Observation Project) - is a DOS-program to detect radio meteors utilizing FFT algorithm.
MPCOrb You do not have Internet Access in the place you observe and you are unable to check if the little spot you are observing is a new asteroid?
MyStars! 2.7 Popular Windows Planetarium program with easy user interface and fast animations.
myTelescope Package Collection of programs, which may support construction, building, test and use of home built astronomical instruments.
NAAP Astronomy Labs Flash animations and simulations for astronomy education. Topics include seasons, moon phases, coordinate systems, light, and more.
NASA Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Growing number of applications to be used with mobile devices pertaining subjects such as Aeronautics, ISS & Space Shuttle, Solar System exploration, Universe and Earth.
NauticTools Extensive set of tools to facilitate all necessary calculations for both Terrestrial and Celestial navigation.
Navastro Program for astronomical navigation either in land or sea, it eases the use of the sextant and allows a precise calculation of one's position using
Neat Image Neat Image is a digital filter that reduces high ISO noise of image sensors (CMOS, CCD noise) — digital camera noise and scanner noise, high ASA fi
Network Telescope Control NTC can be used in two modes; local mode and network mode.
Newt Assists the design of Newtonian telescopes.
Newt for the Web Newtonian Telescope Computer Aided Design program. It ray traces a Newtonian telescope design checking for vignetting, optimizes diagonal size, calculates baffle sizes and positions, and produces performance and dimensional data for construction.
Newton Program identical to Solar System. Simulates the orbits of masses in space.
Newtons Aquarium A solar system construction set that allows students to create and explore situations involving any number of stars, planets, moons and asteroids.
NexRemote hcAnywhere is the Celestron NexStar series hand controller in a software form.
NGC 2000 Observer A useful program which lists the celestial objects from the NGC 2000, IC and Messier catalogues visible from a given location at a given moment.
NGCView Allows one to Plan, Plot, Chart and Log observations . Supports the ASCOM protocol for telescope control.      The full product offers:
NGic Basically this is a planning tool for GoTo telescope owners.
Night & Day Shows, for a chosen location, a graphic depicting the night and day lengths across a year. Locations can be instantly picked from a world map.
Night Vision for Java Night Vision is a "planetarium" program for Java, and will display the heavens from any location on earth.
NightBar NightBar allows switching your Desktop to a low light level using Red and Gray colours. Based on NiteView. Features include:
Nightfall It can produce animated views of eclipsing binary stars, calculate synthetic light curves and radial velocity curves, and eventually determine the
Nightshade Fork by one of the early Stellarium developers. It has been tailored specifically for planetarium and educator use.
Noční obloha Planetarium with a complete set of tools (besides the obvious sky charts capabilities).
norbsoft A Java midlet planetarium for mobile phones.
Nova Nova for Windows has become the most popular Windows-based satellite tracking program in the world. In use by NASA, the U.S.
Nova A free Integrated Observational Environment for amateur astronomers. Still on an early stage and under development.
Nuit Conceived under a philosophy of simplicity allied to efficiency. For when you face the question "how's the sky tonight?
ObsDesk This program was designed to control telescopes with LX200 interfaces. Special features include: tracking a comet and Auto Start/Stop.
Observation Manager Free and open logbook for (amateur-) astronomical observations. It's written in and runs on every plattform supporting Java 1.4 or higher. 
Observation session preparer Prepare your observation night by filling an online form with details of your location, time, skill level, telescope and eyepieces to be used. With the gathered information, a schedule will be generated with objects to point to in an appropriate order. The complete session will also be available as PDF.
Observer Three PowerMac versions of this Planetarium application are available: Observer Basic (trialware version), targeted at novice amateur astronomers a
ObsReduce A program that reduces observations of satellites relative to the background stars into their precise coordinates.
Obsvar Obsvar is useful for preparing variable star observations; a tool which does only one thing: it goes through the bulletin file of AAVSO or AFOEV an
OCCULT «OCCULT is a shareware program which provides occultation observers with a comprehensive package to support their program of observing.
Occult Watcher Program that helps astronomical occultation observers to stay tuned with the incoming events by tracking the asteroidal occultation predictions published and regularly updated in various sources.
OnTrack OnTrack is a JavaScript program derived from GPS.
OpenGalaxy OpenGalaxy is an interactive sky explorer showing 2,500,000 stars. Take a dive into the milky way to stars up to magnitude 14 .
OpenSatellite Satellite tracking program. The main features are:
OpenUniverse Simulates the Solar System's bodies in 3D.
OpTaliX-LT OpTaliX is a powerful and comprehensive program for optical design, thin film multilayer coating design and optical engineering.
Opus Software application for designing and evaluating optical systems.
Orbit «Visual satellite tracking program for Windows.»
Orbit The ballistic simulator «Orbit» allows the physical principles of the motion in the gravitational field of the Earth to be demonstrated and learned
Orbit Visualization Tool (OVT) Java based software designed for interactive 3D visualization of satellite orbits in the terrestrial magnetosphere.
Orbit Xplorer «Calculate and plot the orbits of up to 10 gravitationally interacting bodies. Easily create, run, save and print your own orbit simulation.
Órbitas This program allows one to select an asteroid or a comet from a list, subsequently presenting the respective orbital elements.
Orbiter Realistic space flight simulator using proper physics for the modelling of planetary motion, gravitational fields, free space and atmospheric fligh
Orbitron Will localize the position of satellites for a given period.
OrbitViewer OrbitViewer is an interactive JAVA applet that displays the orbit of small bodies (comets or asteroids) in the solar system in 3D.
OrbPlan An application that calculates the polar coordinates of the different planets of the Solar System in their orbits and shows a window with a graphic
Orionic Pocket PC application simulating the night sky. New features:
ORSA Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA) is a framework for Celestial Mechanics investigations.
OSCAAR "Open Source differential photometry Code for Accelerating Amateur Research is an apen source project aimed at helping you begin to analyze observations of transiting extrasolar planets with differential photometry.
OSLO EDU Optical design program.
Our Cosmohood Classical cosmology program - the first version dates back to 1992, the latest release is from 1999.
Palm Os Norad Two-Line Element Sets Current Data Pretyped updated Keplerian Elements for Manned and Unmanned Satellites.To use just select and download save or hotsync.
Partiview «Partiview (Particle View) is a program that visualizes and animates three dimensional particle data.
PCEpheWin Ephemeris calculation program for comets and asteroids (including conjunctions).
PEAS PEAS stands for «Periodic Error Analyzing Software», its purpose is to evaluate, judge and analyze the periodic errors of equatorial mounts.
PEMPro PEMPro gives you powerful tools to program your mounts periodic error correction firmware to achieve the best possible performance for your mount.
Peranso Light Curve and Period Analysis Software, Peranso stands for «Period Analysis Software».
Perseus Perseus is a planetarium software, easy to use and with very interesting graphics. The software is a demoware and has some restrictions .
PHD Guiding "Designed to be  simple, yet provide powerful, intelligent auto-guiding of your telescope for both PCs and Macs.
PHDLab Tool for analyzing the log files produced by Stark Labs PHD astrophotography auto-guiding software will display guiding graphs and perform various analyses on the data in the logs.
Photo Timer Simple timer used for astrophotography.
picoSky Planetarium for Java enabled mobile phones. Features include:
PICTools - Image Processing Tools Tool designed for users of the astronomical image processing software IRIS in order to better exploit the signal coming from the calibrated and reg
Picture Window Pro, Color Mechanic, Depth of Field and Scanning Resolution Calculators Picture Window Pro is a complete, full featured advanced image editor.
PinPoint Astrometric Engine An ASCOM engine that provides sensitive, robust, high-speed research-grade astrometric image processing for FITS files from any camera.
PIPP - Planetary Imaging PreProcessor Application designed for pre-processing planetary images before stacking them with image stacking software such as Registax.  PIPP's main purpose is to crop each image frame and select only the best quality frames to reduce the memory and processing requirements of the stacking software.
PixInsight PixInsight Limited Edition (LE) is a freeware subset of the PixInsight project.
PIXY System 2 Practical Image eXamination and Inner-objects Identification System is an automated astronomical image examination system used in the course of new
Planet Engine Planet Engine is a 3D real-time planet renderer. It allows you to fly over the surface of planets and also to see them from space.
Planet Phase Planet Phase draws the planets positions and the phases of planets. You can animate movement of planets with various time steps.
Planet Tracker Planet Tracker is built in three modules: 1) Animations of planetary motion along the ecliptic and against the background of the
Planet's Orbits According to the author, this «is an accurate digital orrery with a wealth of functionality.
Planet's Visibility According to the authors, «presents a sleek 3-colour graph that tells, at-a-glance, when a planet (or Moon and Sun) is visible from your location.
Planetarium for Palm Planetarium is an application for the Palm Connected Organizer that plots star charts and offers some unique, useful features for the beginning sta
Planetarius Planetarius gives us a 3D view of the planets, asteroids and comets, implementing the full Near Earth Objects list (NEO, with Aste
Planetary Apprentice A reference tool that displays several properties for a selected planet.
Planetas Shows a sequence of high resolution images of the planets with a brief description and a suggestive(?) sound track of Star Trek.
Planetensuche Planetensuche (planet search) is a collection of tools so you can keep yourself informed about new discovered exoplanets, about interesting objects
Planets Planets is a simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems, released under the GPL.
Planets 3D The purpose of Planets 3D is to show a simulation of our solar system.
PlanetWarp Of all the objects in the night sky the moon shows by far the greatest amount of detail through any telescope or imaging system.
Planisphere A program which exports to .PDF and lets you print in good old fashioned paper a planisphere (a couple of sheets of paper very easy to assemble) ap
PleiadAtlas Computerized star atlas for personal digital assistants (PDAs) running PalmOS v3.3 and up.
Pocket StarCalc Pocket StarCalc is a small and fast astronomical planetarium program. Capabilities include: .
Pocket Stars PC Ephemeris, star finder, and celestial navigation tool. Features include:
Pocket Stars PDA Ephemeris, star finder, and celestial navigation tool for the Pocket PC (Arm, Mips, SH3). Features include:
PocketSat+1.7 Manned and Unmanned Satellite Prediction & observation tools.Earth 2-d view,skyview and Pass prediction.
Polar Finder Utility that will help you with your Polar Alignment on your Equatorial Mount.
PolarFinder Tool to help determining the position of Polaris and subsequential the position of  the North Celestial Pole so as to correctly align a German Equatorial Telescope Mount.
Polaris Planetarium for Psion Series5/5mx handhelds. The sky is shown close to natural vision with 26,000 stars up to magnitude 7.5.
PoleAlignMax Allows you to polar align your GoTo telescope quickly and precisely.
Porrima 2.0 Porrima searchs and prints the neglected double stars of the WDS and reads V3.0 of the Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC).
Portuguese constellation names for Cartes du Ciel Constellation names in Portuguese for use with Cartes du Ciel v. 2.74 and up. To install just put the file in the \cat\bsc5 folder.
POSDAT Database for object positions on planets and the Sun. Includes an ephemeris tool.
Positions des satellites de Jupiter In 1610 Galileo discovered 4 small «stars» which turned around Jupiter.
Positions géocentriques de la Lune This software traces the position of our satellite with a precision of a few arc seconds.
Power Age Sky Simulator Full featured planetarium software.
PP3 PP3 creates celestial charts. It generates resolution independent sky maps of very high graphical quality.
Practices on Observational Astronomy A program designed for the academic teaching of Astronomy.
Predict PREDICT provides real-time satellite tracking and orbital prediction information to users and client applications in a variety of ways: Through the
PreviSat "Satellite tracking software for observing purposes. Very easy to use, it shows the positions of the satellites in real-time or manual mode.
Print Custom Setting Circles Use this program to print setting circles of various sizes for any axis.
PRODOBS «PRODOBS is a deepsky database developed in Javascript, so one could use it as a kind of plug-in for the Internet browser.
Project CLEA Project CLEA (Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy) develops laboratory exercises that illustrate modern astronomical techniques using
Qastrocam Linux Qt based software for controlling all parameters of webcams (Phillips & others) used for specific astrophotographic purposes.
QCFocus Program geared towards the focusing of webcams. It can also acquire pictures in BMP or AVI formats.
QCV2 and DarkGen QCV2 is used to capture images off of a QC Greyscale camera. Documentation may be found at QCUIAG.
R.S.A. - Relógio de Sol Analêmico This is a software that makes the necessary calculations for the construction of a Analemic Sundial.
RA Circle This program is for owners of equatorial telescopes, who wish to construct their own Right Ascension (RA) setting circle.
RA Clock utility RA Clock is a PalmOS application to assist the use of the Right Ascension (RA) setting circle mainly on equatorial mounts (e.g.
Radio Spectrograph online Software for real-time broadband radio spectra in visual spectrography format.
Radio-Jupiter Pro 3 Jupiter's radio noise storms planning and executing are made easy with this program. Features include:
Radio-Sky Pipe The easiest application to start with in Radio Astronomy.
RAWCap RAWCap is a software for capturing images with the Philips ToUCam Pro 740K modified with the soft MOD. Features:
RC-Astro Processing Console This is a program that provides some new image processing functions to MaxIm.
Reentry Computation of the atmosphere entrance of space vehicles. You can use this program for many purposes, e.g.
RegistaC# Registration and stacking tool using the “demons” technique for non-rigid registration (matching) of AVI frames.
RegiStar RegiStar is an image alignment, or registration, program that was designed to work specifically with astronomical images.
Riseset v1.1 The Riseset Application displays information about the rise, transit and set times (among other data) for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupi
Ronchi for Windows Simulation program for Amateur Telescope Makers (ATMs.) It simulates the appearance of a mirror while undergoing the Ronchi Test.
RoniSimo RoniSimo is small but powerful Ronchi Simulator. It comes in nice gray Gnome design.
RotAndStack Meant to take several images and merge them. This process is used mainly on dark images to remove the noise level.
RTGUI Real-Time Interactive Windows Software, is a real-time 32-bit program for observers that gives continuously-updated, highly accurate information ab
R_Meteor Analyses radio signals received from a distant transmitter to extract the characteristic signature of radio energy scattered by meteor trails.
SAOImage DS9 SAOImage DS9 is an astronomical imaging and data visualization application.
Saros Saros enables you to find any solar eclipse in between about 2500 BC to 3500 AD. Available for Windows and Linux.
Sat It plots monthly graphs showing the progression of the brightest satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.
Satbuster Program designed for satellite visual observers and trackers...
Satcal Program for the forecast of satellite visibility.
Satellitarium Satellitarium is a graphical application that predicts the position of artificial satellites and displays them against the sky background.
Satellite Tracker «Satellite Tracker is a program which calculates satellite positions using NORAD SGP4/SDP4 orbital models.
Satellites of Saturn Watch the status of Saturn's rings and of his moons around him.
Satf Satellite tracking set of utilities allowing you: . to analyze one or more satellites over a given period;
Satk Satk (Satellite Assisted Time Keeper) is a software which displays accurate information of Universal Time & Positions (longitude, latitude) by
Satorbite Simulates the behaviour of a satellite body orbiting a larger attracting body. The user can adjust the parameters.
Satscape Produces real-time displays of where any satellite is and predicts passes for your location.
SatSpy By 2001 it was surely, and by far, the best of the satellite tracking programs presented here. 
Sat_Explorer Software for satellite users. It provides visibility forecasts as a waiting delay and a visibility duration very quickly and all the time.
SaVi SaVi allows you to simulate satellite orbits and coverage, in two and three dimensions.
SBIG Camera Control/Image Processing Software SBIG offers several software packages supporting its various cameras on the PC, Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Sciatrope Sciatrope is a Cocoa (MacOS X) application that helps preparing for, and observe a solar eclipse.
Scope Calculator Scope Calculator helps you calculate and compare the magnification, field of view, and exit pupil of up to seven eyepieces when used with a given t
ScopeCalc A mobile phone calculator to compute some of the necessary information when purchasing an eyepiece or telescope:
ScopeDriver A planning, logging, and control interface for your astronomical telescope, designed with elegant simplicity.
ScopeTester Application for testing the serial port response of Meade Autostar, LX200 or LX200GPS telescopes.
Seiza Seiza is an astronomy program developed by the same author as Taiyoukei.
Selene Webcams video (AVI) and still images (BMP) capture program with a rather complete set of features: timer, sound warnings, clear indication of captu
Serial Ports Test and Relay A couple of utilities usefull for testing. debugging and or eventually sending custom commands to computerized mounts.
SETI Net Clock Server Originally created by SETI.NET users ClockServer displays local, GMT and sideral time.
SETIFOX Originally written for SETI LEAGUE members, SETIFOX is a multifaceted program suite designed for advanced amateur radio astronomers.
setwc Command line DOS utility derived from an original Linux counterpart which increases the sharpness of star pictures with Phillips webcams.
SFA Chart Viewer This program is designed to assist students in observational astronomy to learn the use of star charts.
SGBNR SGBNR stands for Selective Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction.
Shadows Have you ever tried to build a sundial?
Shuttle This game simulates the space shuttle.
Sid Graph SidGraph was created to make use of the Windows ambient in order to read files containing VLF signal data samples from the SID (Sudden Ionospheric
Sideralis Small and free midlet application which displays a map of the stars on your mobile phone.Theorically it should work on all mobiles supporting MIDP2
SigmaReject Plug-in for MaxImDL This plug-in for MaxImDL 3.07 or later provides a different method for combining multiple images. Features of this plug-in:
SImg SImg is a software mainly developed for astronomical image processing. It runs under Linux.
SimSolar SimSolar is a solar system simulator (orrery) suitable for classroom or personal use.
Simulum This project deals with different simulations of star movements and their visualizations.
Siril A Linux clone of Iris.
Sky Atlas "A computer program, which allows you to get the basic information concerning: position, brightness, size and spectrum of most of t
Sky Charts / Cartes du Ciel Who said you needed to buy an expensive Cd-rom to have a quality sky atlas ?
Sky Screen Saver The Sky Screen Saver shows the sky above any location on Earth, including stars (from the Yale Bright Star Catalogue of more than 9000 stars to the
Sky3D Sky3D offers highly realistic views of entire sky with three interactive and three-dimensional view modes; Sky View, Local Space and Star system si
SkyBrowser SkyBrowser helps you to prepare your observation nights. It uses Google Sky and, so you can browse the sky easily.
SkyChart III SkyChart III, shipping today, gives you 19 million stars, 1 million galaxies, thousands of solar system and deep sky objects, satellite tracking, a
SkyGazer Ephemeris Designed for your Astronomy needs. Get the ephemeris for the Moon, any planet at any location on Earth at any time past or future.
Skygazer''s Almanac for Windows The Skygazer''s Almanac for Windows is a multifunctional tool for astronomers.
SkyGlobe One of the first and most cherished planetariums for DOS, which later saw the release of a Windows version. 
SkyMap Enables you to point your Windows mobile device at the sky and see what stars, constellations, planets or deep space objects are out there in real time. SkyMap shows the sky in 3D, like you see it at night time exposing a collection of over 110000 stars.
SkyMap Pro The demonstration version of SkyMap Pro 11 is 7.5MB in size, and comprises the program and manual, together with a small database of 15,000 stars (
SkyNotes Designed to manage your Astronomy Observation notes. Collect your location, details, notes, and actual pictures from your telescope's camera.
SkyORB «SkyORB computes sun, moon and majors planets rise and set time and positions from any place in the world, renders local sky with up to 26000 stars
SkyPlanner A web-only stargazing sessions planner. SkyPlanner can help you generate stargazing "playlists", using a rich internal database of objects.
SkyServer Galaxy Explorer This tool enables an interactive, video game-like fly through of the 3D galaxy distribution in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
SkySight Program for CCD camera control and astronomical image processing.
SkyTools Starter Edition The Starter Edition of SkyTools 3 is for beginning backyard observers using binoculars and small telescopes (apertures up to 4.5-inches or 120 mm).
Skyviewer An OpenGL based program to display HEALPix-based sky maps, saved in FITS format files.
SmartPhotoAlbum A program to manage and display astrophotos,  "normal" images and videos, but also a mediacenter.
Software by Mel Bartels Programs mostly related to Telescope Making. Applications offered include:
Soho Exploring the Sun The Best of Soho CD-Rom is an interactive multimedia exploration of the Sun through the eyes of SOHO.
Soho screensaver Places almost real time images of the Sun in your desktop by self-updating on line.
Solar Eclipse Maestro Solar Eclipse Maestro is the most versatile and feature-rich application for solar eclipses. It can handle any solar eclipse, provide you Baily’s beads preview and animation, simulate an all-sky view or weather statistics, and a lot more.
Solar Journey See the solar system/sky that we live in and learn how various aspects work. Excellent tutorial for educators and young children.
Solar Kingdom Presented has a «space simulator and encyclopaedia», the Solar Kingdom demo is 15.8MB and includes a sample of what is on offer in the full product
Solar System Plots the gravitational behaviour of celestial bodies, allowing the user to construct new models by feeding his own values.
Solar System 3D Simulator Generates a realistic solar system model and planets in 3 D. It can display the planets and their orbits, the Sun and the Moon.
Solar System Simulator Studio Sssim Studio is designed to be used in lectures or live shows in planetariums, etc.
Solex The name comes from ?SOLar system integration by a fast Extrapolation method?, and, indeed, SOLEX computes the positions of solar system bodies (pl
Solscape Solscape is a "Solar Data Browser" application that grabs real-time, up to the minute images of the sun in multiple wavelengths.
Solstice The aim of this program is both to allow students to acquire basic notions of mechanics and to introduce the study of orbitography at high-school l
Solun A small planetarium application designed for use with mobile phones (Sony Ericsson P800 and Nokia Communicator), PDAs (Psion Series 5mx / 7 & n
Solun-u Solun'-u is a small planetarium "midlet" designed for use on Java-enabled mobile phones (J2ME MIDP).
Sonnenuhr These .xls files take spreadsheets to a new level, allowing one to draw sundials with amazing graphics.
Space Station Manager «Realize your dream of building a space station with this relaxing game.
SpaceCAD SpaceCAD is an intuitive model rocket design suite that provides features like stability and flight prediction in one seamless package.
SpaceChart SpaceChart is a program that allows you to see the stars in 3D and rotate them to see them from any point of view.
SPD2FITS Skypipe to FITS conversion tool.
SpeedSolar SpeedSolar is a small program that eases the understanding of different aspects of the universe and makes it possible to do a few experiments/calcu
Spica Several features: celestial charts in several modes of projection; ephemeris, planetary conjunctions graphics, almanac like reports (a sort of "this week's planet roundup"), Saturn's rings and Jovian moons status graphics et cetera.
Spitzer Screen Saver Spitzer spacetelescope screensaver featuring slide show launch and deployment of Spitzer spacecraft.The program also displays Photos and data analy
Star Trails Uses a periodic and polar alignment error model for calculating the trails that stars produce when making astrophotos from an equatorial mount.
StarCalc An elegant and fast Russian born planetarium and star mapping program.
StarCat Starcat is a viewer for the Bright Star, Hipparcos and Tycho star catalogs.
StarChartGL A 3D star chart for Windows.
StarDrive StarDrive is an astronomical "virtual planetarium" program and can be used for drawing realistic image of the sky.
StarFinder StarFinder is a small planisphere program for the beginning stargazer.
Stargazers Delight Stargazer's Delight shows you: - the sky, seen from any location on earth - more than 260,000 stars
StarLight Pro StarLight Pro produces animated views of eclipsing binary stars and calculates synthetic light curves.
Starmap Create and explore three-dimensional starmaps for your science-fiction RPG campaign, then share your work with the rest of us on the Net.
StarMapStudio Very configurable & flexible star charts drawing program.
StarMax Easy star trails creator. 
StarMessage screensaver Screensaver for MS Windows.
StarParty StarParty provides an extensive informational database of deepsky objects and stars, most of which are visible in a small to medium sized telescope
StarPlot A program for Unix/Linux that allows you to view charts of the relative 3-dimensional positions of stars in space. Features:
Starry Night Backyard Application similar to Distant Suns, with a graphical simulation of the sky, namely of the crepuscular gradients, which is probably the best we hav
Starry Night Digital Download The latest version of Starry Night Backyard (also present in this category with version 3.12).
Stars Dutch planetarium under development.
StarStaX Image stacking and blending software, which allows to merge a series of photos into a single image using different blending modes.
StarStrider A photorealistic real-time 3D planetarium and 'virtual star ship'
Startrails Software to stack pictures in order to produce a star trails effect.
StarTrak StarTrak is a computerised database, containing information on the planets, all the Messier objects, as well as a number of other objects in the sk
STD Aurora Monitor Have you ever glimpsed an aurora?
Stella Theater Japanese planetarium currently named Planetarium Pro, you may get its previous version as shareware without restrictions.
StellaImage Astronomical Image Processing Software Package. Features include: . CCD image processing support -- dark frame, flat field
Stellar Magic «Stellar Magic is a freeware image processing program for astronomical images in FITS and Windows bitmap format.
Stellaris Stellaris is a very comprehensive astronomy suite that goes well beyond displaying the nightly sky. The application's wide range of features addresses all users, from beginner to experienced.
Stellaris  Sideralis is a free sky chart for mobile phones supporting java and MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1.
Stellarium Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time.
Stig's Sky Calendar Innovative application.
STS Orbit Plus Allows you to follow the position of the space shuttle and of an extended artificial satellites database across the globe and to calculate their vi
SumaFits SumaFits automates the average or the linear sum of 16 bits per pixel Fits images.
Sun Spotter Sun Spotter is a simple tool for grabbing the latest white-light image of the Sun, taken from the SOHO web site.
Sun Times Designed to be a map-based viewer showing both sunrise/sunset times and whether it's night or day at various worldwide locations.
SunCalculator Detailed Sun ephemerides for dates between 1801 and 2099. Calculations are based on work by Paul Schlyter.
Suncycle Suncycle is a calendar showing the sunrise and sunset times for a given latitude/longitude and time zone.
SUNDI - Sundial Design Easy design and plan of the most popular dials, including equation of time and analemma calculations, location data base with over 500 cities world
T-Calc [BROKEN] Telescope data calculator.
Tachyon for PC and PocketPC Tachyon is a feature rich astronomy software for handheld devices which also offers a client for the PC.
Taiyoukei "Taiyoukei" is software written in embedded Visual Basic 3.0 which provides abundant data about the Solar System, such as ephemerides, simulations
Taki's Star Atlases A deepsky atlas ready for printing in 12 A3 pages. Available in PDF and PPT formats. A more detailed version with stars up to mag. 8.5 and an Atlas of Double Stars are also available.
Teleauto Software able to perform the following tasks: automatically observation; LX200 and FS2 compatible telescope's control; Hisis 22 14 bits, Hisis 22 1
TeleCalc Designed to show you all the calculations of your telescope (magnification, f/ratio, aperture gain, exit pupil, Dawes limit...).
Telescope Optical Parameters Calculator A simple utility to calculate various telescope characteristics both related with the theoretical performance (given the aperture and f/ratio value
TelOptiCulator Input a certain amount of data (focal length, aperture, eyepiece...) and the program calculates the magnification; focal ratio; true field of view;
Terra et Caelum A lightweight must have gem for educators with configurable animations of lunar motions, the solar system, celestial mechanics and earthquakes.
The Hubble Image Collection This CD-ROM, available for download, contains 130 of the best images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.
The Making of The Second Guide Star Catalog CD-ROM, available for download.
The Milky Way for SkyMap Pro 6 and above A failure of SkyMap, in both the demonstration and full versions, is the inability of plotting the Milky Way.
The Planets Java applet whose features include: Jupiter's Moons Galilean Transits Shadow Transits
The Solar System Discovery Kit As well as helping novice astronomers with identifying the planets and moons, an observer of the Solar System Discovery Kit can see the shape of th
TheSky Pocket Edition Graphical planetarium program designed for Windows Mobile devices.
Three Axis Telescope Control Graphical simulation of the three-axis mount. The software allows you to manipulate the telescope using several different coordinates.
TIARE TIARE is an astronomical resource & ephemeris software for Texas Instruments(R) calculators.
Tiempo Astronómico Shows Universal Time, Local Time, Decimal Date in VSNET format (aaaammdd.ddd), decimal year and Julian day.
Time Memo Time Memo is a software to periodically control the time offset between your computer and a NTP server and eventually adjust the computer clock.
TMTCalc Two Mirror Telescope Calculator, includes cassegrain and Gregorian like telescopes.
TrakSat Traces an extensive database of artificial satellites.
Transit of Venus 2004 On June 8th Venus will transit the Sun. This flash animation, made specially for the event, shows the stages of the transit and the time (UT).
TriAtlas Ready to print deepsky atlas in PDF format.
Triatlas C for iOS Triatlas C for iPhone, iPod and iPad contains the entire Triatlas C chart. A comprehensive star atlas in your pocket! Note that this is not a planetarium app, it's a high-contrast reference for Deep sky objects.
TS-24 Realistic computer simulation of a professional astronomical observatory which can be used in the classroom to enhance astronomy laboratory exercis
TSOL - The Simple Observing Log The Simple Observing Log (TSOL) is intended as a place where you can keep track of all your star-gazing information.
TUBA - TOURING THE UNIVERSE THROUGH BINOCULARS ATLAS "The TOURING THE UNIVERSE THROUGH BINOCULARS STAR ATLAS (TUBA, for short) claims to be the only star atlas designed specifically for use w
TUMOL - The Ultimate Messier Object Log This is a nice application to record and organize the observations of the Messier objects - which are also described and show on individual locatio
UFOCapture, UFOAnalyzer and UFOOrbit UFOCaptureV2 is a time-shift-motion-detect-video-recording-software.
Unimap UniMap is a free/opensource astronomy software which I mainly developed to do the plate-solving (automated detection and sky catalog matching) for astrophotography - see how detection works.
Universe Image Creator For fun, not for science. Lets you create fictitious but realistic deep space images. Comes in two types: stand alone and plug-ins.
Universe Sandbox Using Universe Sandbox, one can see the effects of gravity on objects in the universe and run scale simulations of our Solar System, various galaxi
Urania View Calculates planetary ephemeris.
US Meteo by sat Displays satellite photography of North America. Click and drag to zoom in.
USGS-Planets - HiRes screensaver USGS-Astrogeology Research Program (Cartographers of NASA data) stunning High Resolution screensaver of NASA Solar system photos.The HiRes version
Utility Astrofotografiche Set of four utilities.1) ST4-calc: CCD program; 2) FOCAL-calc: for photography with telescope; 3) ASTRO-calc: for solar system objects exposure cal
VarObs Helps you to plan and log variable stars observations (not for data analysis).
vb-MoonTicker Moon ephemerides calculation. Note: This program is now part of the vb-Planetarium package.
vb-SunSystem 2D and 3D solar system orrery.
vb-SunTicker Ephemerides of the Sun. Note: This program is now part of the vb-Planetarium package.
Vega An image capture program that works with the 32bit Video for Windows Driver and, as such, should be capable of being used for most cameras.
Virtual Moon Atlas «This software can visualize the Moon aspect for every date and hour.
Virtual Sky Celestial and local horizon (editable) maps; graphics showing the situation of the celestial equator, Jovian and Saturn systems, planetary disks, e
VirtualDub A video capture/processing utility streamlined for fast linear operations over video.
Vision Pro «A dedicated software for image processing and control of DTA CCD cameras.
Visual Ephemeris for Uranian Moons This program will generate an ephemeris with the same accuracy which can be obtained from BDL's Ephemerides Server for the five major moons of Uran
Visual Planets Superb. Explains with illustrations the astrophysics of the Sun and solar system planets (structure, atmosphere, rings and satellites).
Visual RMOB The Visual RMOB Software is writing for display all RMOB* files of one year per observer.
Visual Spec Visual Spec is a software designed for amateurs to process spectral images.
Vito AstroNavigator VITO AstroNavigator is a PPC GPS application which displays a map of the sky according to your current position, time and direction of movement.
VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D "VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D" is a great virtual reality program on a DVD for scientists and hobbyists interested in astronomy, science,
WallChanger Change your Windows background picture randomly or statically and timed by your settings.
Water Rocket Fun This program can help students and rocketeers understand the physics of water rockets and how to optimize their water rocket launches to obtain the
WcRmac Presented as an 'Easy' way to get RAW mod images out of Philips Webcams.
What's Up 2006 - 365 Days of Skywatching A FREE 407-page downloadable book containing What's Up material for every day in 2006.
Where is M13? This free Java application  shows the locations of common deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.
Win-OCCULT The ultimate ephemeris tool. Provides occultation observers with a comprehensive package to support all their planning endeavours.
WinAstro Conversion among calendars and coordinate systems; planetary ephemeris; oppositions and elongations; physical ephemeris; natural satellites ephemer
WinEclipse Free graphical solar/moon eclipse program to forecast any solar or lunar eclipse by using a earth map with central line.
WinEphem The best things come in simple packages, they say, and this program proves it.
WinGrid V4.1 Originally designed for Ham radio users to determine range and direction between stations(Qth).
WinJUPOS Database for object positions on planets and the Sun.
WinLens3D Basic Optical Design Software to create systems with LINOS Photonics and custom components.
WinOrbit «WinOrbit is a program for computing artificial Earth-satellite position and visibility, with the Amateur Radio satellite operator in mind.
Winstars Neat, well organized and full featured program.
World Time Program entirely devoted to time counting.
World Wind World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth.
WorldWide Telescope "From web to desktop to full dome planetarium, WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables you to explore the universe, bringing together imagery from the be
WTides WTides is a free program that uses harmonics data to predict tide heights at many locations throughout the World, and displays a graph of the resul
wxAstroCapture wxAstroCapture is a free capture program primarily intended for astronomical use, it is developed as a joint effort between Martin Burri (Switzerla
WXTide32 «WXTide32 is a free 32-bit Windows (9x/NT/2k/ME/XP) program for predicting tides from 1970 to 2038.
WXtrack WXtrack predicts the ground tracks of satellites on the earth, and the images produced by weather satellites when scanning the ground.
WXtrackGL Imagine that you are flying in space, looking down upon the Earth.
Xearth Places a shaded image of the Earth on your desktop (notice that this is not a screensaver - it acts as a background) and signals the location of mo
XEphem The best and most know non Windows astronomy app.
Xplanet Xplanet was inspired by Xearth. It renders images on the desktop background.
Xplns Xplns reproduces real starry sky on your display of X Window System.
Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application The Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application (yomama) is the a java tool for fits image manipulation and viewing.
Your Observing Sessions Telescope Parameters Which is the best eyepiece for today's observing session? What is the maximum recommended magnification for my scope?
Your Sky Set of three online interactive tools which produce sky maps for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location.
Zaurus Sky Explorer Zaurus Sky Explorer is a freeware planetarium in pocket size for all Java enabled devices.
Zubot Suite Set of image processing applications: