UniMap is a free/opensource astronomy software which I mainly developed to do the plate-solving (automated detection and sky catalog matching) for astrophotography - see how detection works.

Registration and stacking tool using the “demons” technique for non-rigid registration (matching) of AVI frames.

Astronomical Image Processing Software Package.

Features include:
. CCD image processing support -- dark frame, flat field
. Multi-format file support -- TIFF, JPEG, FITS, and BMP as well as most CCD manufacturer formats

Program for CCD camera control and astronomical image processing.

QCV2 is used to capture images off of a QC Greyscale camera. Documentation may be found at QCUIAG.

Picture Window Pro is a complete, full featured advanced image editor. It gives you multiple ways to control tonality and colour, including curves and histograms.

A simple to use, yet powerful astronomical image processing program that works with FITS and GIF files.


Windows viewers for several data sets offered for free by the NASA. The data, mostly of photographic nature, was collected by the above mentioned space artefacts during their missions and close flybys of Venus, Mercury and Mars.


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