Amateur Telescope Making

PEAS stands for «Periodic Error Analyzing Software», its purpose is to evaluate, judge and analyze the periodic errors of equatorial mounts.

Optical design program. OSLO is used by scientists and engineers to design lenses, reflectors, optical instruments, laser collimators, and illumination systems.

OpTaliX is a powerful and comprehensive program for optical design, thin film multilayer coating design and optical engineering.

Software application for designing and evaluating optical systems.

This program was designed to control telescopes with LX200 interfaces. Special features include: tracking a comet and Auto Start/Stop.

hcAnywhere is the Celestron NexStar series hand controller in a software form. It performs all of the operations in exactly the same way as your real hand controller.

Assists the design of Newtonian telescopes.

MODAS stands for «Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software». A telescope design software of the most popular telescope systems used by the amateur astronomers and telescope makers.


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